Open Pre-Sale Discount

If you're an early purchaser and supporter, we want to reward you for your faith in the TrigID Project. We realise, however, that you may not be comfortable with the USD $500 minimum required to participate in our Blind Auction.

This Open Pre-Sale Application lets you purchase as little as USD $50 worth of tokens at a 20% discount.

You can use this form as often as you wish. The Open Pre-Sale will continue until the Hard Cap of USD $30,000,000 has been reached or until the ID Tokens are generated.

Purchase Process

This application allows you to register your intent to pre-purchase ID tokens. There are many factors, and combinations of these factors, that determine whether we can legally pre-sell you tokens. These include:

  • The adequacy of your identification information.
  • The jurisdiction in which you reside.
  • Your local investment-related designation.
  • The number of tokens you intend to purchase.
  • How you intend to use the tokens.
  • The number of purchasers your jurisdiction permits us to sell to.

The KYC details you enter below will allow us to assess your eligibility to purchase. This may take 48 hours or more. If we assess that you may be eligible, you'll be forwarded a Purchase Agreement. The Agreement will record:

  • The Number of Tokens you're purchasing.
  • The Purchase Amount in your Preferred Purchase Currency.
  • The Wallet Address to send that Purchase Amount to.

The transaction must be completed within 24 hours. To complete it, you'll need to:

  • Read the Agreement and make sure that you're eligible.
  • Sign and return the Agreement for our signature.
  • Transfer the Purchase Amount to the Wallet Address.


Contact Details


Country of residence

How are you planning to use your ID Tokens? Select all that apply.

Identification (KYC) Details

Your government requires that we collect this information. By purchasing ID tokens, you'll be supporting a future where this invasion of your privacy is no longer necessary.

We'll need to see a valid photo ID card or document. It must clearly show your nationality and all identifiers necessary for your government to identify you. If your nationality is not shown on the card or document or it is not the same as your Country of Residence above, then you must also include an image of a utility bill, vehicle registration, lease or some other document which has your name and address on it. If you feel that even more documentation will assist with your approval, please upload that too.

  • Please upload clear capture images of:
  • 1) Your driver's license, your passport's identification page or some other photo ID.
  • 2) You holding that photo ID next to your face.
  • 3) Address Verification document. If required.
  • 4) Any additional document. If you feel it will assist approval.



Minimum purchase is 63 tokens (USD $50)

Preferred purchase currency.

Please review our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy